How to make sticky elements using position sticky

position: sticky is a new CSS property that has [landed][0] in Webkit last year which will allow elements to stick to the viewport edge as you scroll past, unfortunately this hasn't been standardized yet but discussions are still going on.

How does it work ?

By simply adding position: sticky, you can tell an element to be position: relative until the user scrolls the item (or its parent) to be for ex 10px from the top, the actual way to achieve the same behaviour is by using Javascript :

and this is the CSS way:

.sticky {
position: -webkit-sticky;
position: -moz-sticky;
position: -ms-sticky;
position: -o-sticky;
position: sticky;
top: 10px;

How to enable it ?

The sticky value is still an experimental feature in Webkit, so you need to enable it in chrome://flags, just Ctrl+F "Enable experimental WebKit features", then click enable.



I have made a simple alphabetical contact list with sticky headers using HTML and CSS only!


One thing you should remember is that this feature is just a proposal that can be standardized or not.